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Dropping a digital camera

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Bet you can’t guess the most common way a digital camera gets dropped? The answer will no doubt surprise you!

Oops!Dropping a digital camera is not fun. The most common way a camera gets dropped may surprise you, just as it did the editors of PC Photo magazine when they conducted a survey on the topic. Oh, and it’s probably something you do!

We asked many of our Digicamhelp visitors the same question. Less than a handful got the answer right.

Here’s what they guessed:

  • When the strap breaks or comes undone.
  • Not using the wrist or neck strap.
  • By not having a good grasp and a neck or hand loop.
  • When replacing the batteries.
  • When it is taken in or out of the case, or whatever you use to keep it safe.
  • When its strap gets entangled with some doorknob, car handle, etc.
  • When using the self-timer.
  • When opening the memory card door.
  • When it gets knocked off a a table.
  • When it falls out of your pocket.
  • When it simply slips off the hand carrying it around.
  • When holding camera using wet fingers at the beach.
  • When picking up another item.

So then, just what is the most common way a digital camera gets dropped?

Passing a camera around so friends can look at photos on the LCD.

Be forewarned! 🙂