Digital camera repair

Packing & shipping a digital camera

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

How to prepare a digital camera for shipping, with packing tips recommended by the pros.

shipping a cameraWhen a digital camera needs repair, it often must be mailed to an authorized repair dealer. It’s important to pack the camera securely in a sturdy box to prevent damage during shipment.

Before packing, remove the memory card and batteries. It usually isn’t necessary to send accessories, cables or manuals.

Packing and packing materials

Professional shippers advise placing an electronic item such as a digital camera in a plastic bag to keep it clean and prevent packing materials from coming in contact with it.

Pack your camera in a strong cardboard box that has not been weakened by wear and tear. There should be enough room to put at least three or four inches of padding on each side of the camera.

Place packing material such as crumpled paper, bubble wrap and/or styrofoam “peanuts” around the camera. Pack the box to full capacity so the camera won’t shift or move. Don’t overfill it as under and over filled boxes are more prone to damage during transit.

Return Material Authorization

Place a note inside the package that includes the Return Material Authorization (RMA) number if provided by the repair center, a full description of the problem and your return address and phone number. It your digital camera is still on warranty send a copy of the sales receipt. Use approved tape to seal the package and write the RMA number on the front of the box.

Ship with a company that issues tracking numbers such as UPS, Federal Express and Priority Mail. Insure the camera and consider getting a Signature Proof of Delivery.