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Loose lithium batteries prohibited by U.S. DOT

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U.S. Transportation Department prohibits travelers from packing loose lithium batteries in checked-in luggage

Lithium batteriesNo loose lithium batteries in checked in luggage

Since January 2008, the United States Transportation Department prohibits travelers from packing loose lithium batteries in luggage that is checked in at airports. There is a risk that these batteries will overheat and cause a fire on board.

If the lithium batteries are installed in electronic devices such as digital cameras, mobile phones, personal digital assistants and notebook computers, they are allowed in checked luggage and on board.

Battery-powered devices and spare batteries can be kept in carry-on baggage. But spare batteries should be kept in their original packaging or packaged in a way that prevent them from coming in contact with other batteries and metal.

Preparing loose batteries

Place electrical or any non-metallic adhesive tape across the battery contacts to isolate terminals. The tape prevents short-circuiting. Putting each battery in its own separate bag will also isolate the terminals.

Information subject to revision

This information is subject to revision so visit the Transportation Security Administration website for up-to-date information and tips about safe air travel with batteries and devices, as well as safe practices to employ when packing and traveling.

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