Canon G12

Lensmate G12 Quick-Change Adapter Kit

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

The Lensmate Quick-Change Adapter Kit is a nifty product that lets you use filters on the Canon G12 without having to use a tube adapter.

I’ve written about the Lensmate Quick-Change Adapter Kit before but never actually used one until I got the G12. I must say it’s a nifty product that lets you use filters on the G12/G11/G10 without having to deal with a tube adapter.

In fact, the 52mm filter is smaller and less expensive than filters used with the G12 tube adapters. The total weight of a typical filter and filter adapter combined is less than one ounce!

The system is designed so that the filter remains in the filter holder and is attached/detached as a unit. The initial set-up takes only a minute or two. I tested the adapter kit with my favorite filter, a polarizing filter, and it was effortless to attach and remove.

No flash blockage

When the filter holder is removed, there is no chance of flash blockage at any focal length since the receiver is the same diameter as the end of the lens barrel.

The Quick-Change Filter Holder kit is comprised of the following:

  • The receiver with adhesive ring
  • The filter holder
  • Installation guide tube
  • 52mm clip in style lens cap
  • A hinged lid container for the filter/filter holder/lens cap assembly for convenient storage
  • Safe removal device

For complete information visit the Lensmate website. Be sure to read the FAQs.