Canon S100

Canon S100: Key technologies explained

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

The S100’s new sensor and new processor are said to be much improved: faster image processing, improved low light performance and less noise at high ISO numbers.

There are several improvements to the Canon S100 over its predecessors, the S90 and S95. What follows is a concise summary of the main ones relating to the new sensor, new processor and some of the automatic detection technologies.

Canon’s HS System is a combination of a high-sensitivity sensor and high-performance DIGIC image processing. The new DIGIC 5 processor is said to process up to six times more information at one time compared to the previous DIGIC 4 processor. It has advanced low-light performance, capturing images with less noise than non-HS System cameras at all ISO speeds.

Notable S100 technologies include:

  • New 1/1.7″, 12.1 MP high-sensitivity Canon CMOS sensor – According to Canon, the new sensor is the most advanced digital still compact sensor to date, providing low light performance and image quality beyond anything previously seen in the Canon digital compact range. It features sensor technologies four in Canon’s EOS DSLRs.
  • Wider ISO range with an enhanced maximum ISO speed of ISO 6400.
  • Noise Reduction – On-chip noise reduction technology and advanced noise reduction
  • Dynamic Range – wider dynamic range with greater variation in brightness and details and realistic colors.
  • Multi-area White Balance – adjusts white balance for multiple light sources. It can detect different light sources and compensate for the differences between tungsten, flash and daylight.
  • High-speed Burst mode HQ – Captures full resolution, high-speed bursts up to 9.6 shots/sec. (up to 8 shots) in High-speed Burst HQ mode.
  • Intelligent Optical Image Stabilization – Intelligent IS enables the camera to detect the shooting situation being captured and then select the most appropriate optical Image Stabilizer mode to prevent blur. Seven different IS modes are available.
  • Smart Auto mode – makes use of multiple technologies including Scene Detection, Motion Detection, Face Detection and Advanced Subject Detection. By simply pointing the camera at a scene and pressing the shutter button, Smart Auto mode determines the subject and he camera selects the most appropriate scene type from 32 variables, applying the best settings for optimum output.

For detailed information, download this PDF file that explains all the technologies included in the Canon PowerShot S100.