Canon S100

Custom Accessories for the S100

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Two highly useful accessories for the S100 are Richard Franiec’s Custom Grip and the Lensmate Canon Quick-Change Filter Adapter Kit.

Two very popular and useful accessories for the Canon S90/S95, the Lensmate Quick-Change Filter Adapter Kit and Richard Franiec’s Custom Grip, are available for the Canon PowerShot S100.

Richard Franiec’s Custom Grip for the Canon S100

Our review of the S100 grip

The front finger grip on the S100 makes holding and using the camera easier than the s90/s95 that had no grip. But it will never win an award for ergonomics. It’s only marginally comfortable and is certainly not the most secure way to grasp onto the small camera.

Original S100 grip and Richard’s new custom grip for the camera

Thankfully, Richard Franiec is in the process of manufacturing one of his highly regarded, beautifully made grips for the S100. It will improve the ergonomics of the camera, making it easier to hold and less likely to slip out of your hand.

The new grip, precision machined from high grade aluminum alloy, is being made exclusively for the S100. It will be quite different from Richard’s typical “S” curve designed grips made for other cameras.

According to Richard, the grip feels very natural in hand and the pebbled surface provides very good traction. It’s super low profile has no effect on pocketability of S100.

Grips made for the s90/s95 are not compatible with S100.

Ordering the s100 grip

For more information, email Richard at [email protected].

Lensmate Quick-Change Filter Adapter Kit for the S100

The Lensmate Quick-Change Filter Adapter allows 37mm filters to be attached to the S100 without a bulky mounted adapter. Only a tiny, thin receiver stays on the camera. The filter/filter hold assembly bayonets onto the receiver so quick changes can be made without having the thread a filter on and off. There is no blockage of the flash at any focal length.

The existing Lensmate 37mm Quick Change filter adapter for the Canon S90 and S95 works flawlessly on the s100. Though the focal length is now 24mm equivalent on the wide end on the S100, up from 28mm on the S90 and S95, there is still no vignetting even with a full depth 37mm polarizer attached.

The redesigned lens control ring on the S100 means the Lensmate Quick Change Receiver adds only 2mm to the total depth of the camera. When installed correctly, it will not interfere with or affect the automatic lens cover.

The combined weight of the receiver, filter holder and a typical 37mm polarizing filter weigh less than half an ounce (13 grams). For more information, visit the Lensmate website. A quick-change filter adapter kit is also available for the Canon S110.


  • Really curious about your like/dislike of the Franiac grip for the S100.
    I have one on my G9 that I really like. Not overly impressed with the
    S100 supplied strap without slider. A bit concerned about ergonomics/
    appearance of the Franiac S100 grip… appreciate your opinion.
    Bought 3 spare batterys from SterlingTEK, anxious to try out GPS/log on Everglades outing shortly. The G9 35mm equiv was the major factor for upgrade to 24mm for travel backup. Best Holiday wishes, Jerry