Canon S100

When the S100 internal battery no longer works

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

s100 battery compartmentThe rechargeable internal battery of the Canon s100 holds the camera date and time. When the internal battery ceases to work, the date and time are usually lost when the external battery is removed from the battery compartment.

In addition, the EXIF data is not saved. EXIF (Exchangeable Image File) data are the  settings and scene information recorded by the camera into a digital image file. Date and time are two of several bits of useful information saved in an image taken even when there is no battery in the camera and the internal battery works. Of course, as many have discovered, these batteries don’t last forever.

s100 date/time settingHigh cost of replacing an internal camera battery

The high cost of replacing the internal battery didn’t make sense. My S100 goes with me everywhere, but it is three years old, has taken more images than I can count and something else will probably go wrong as the camera gets older.

Instead of sending the camera in for repair, I decided to live with the problem and manually reset the time and date whenever I changed the battery. How annoying!

There is a way to keep the camera date and time

Quite accidentally, I discovered that if I replace the battery with a second charged battery within moments after removing the battery from the camera, the date and time will not be lost.

S100 internal battery fixed without repair?

Strangely, after doing this several times, my camera now holds the settings even after removing the battery for an extended period of time. I’m thankful for this but only time will tell how long it lasts!