Canon s90

Canon s90: notable features

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

The Canon s90 has several features of particular interest to advanced photographers and for those looking for a small digital camera that does well in low light.

Canon s90The Canon s90 has several notable features of particular interest to advanced photographers looking for a small, lightweight camera that can be easily and conveniently carried just about anywhere they go.

The Canon s90 has a large sensor and fast lens. It’s excellent exposure system is capable of producing sharp images with true-to-life color and accurate skin tones.

Noteworthy s90 features:

  • Lightweight and pocketable – – easy to carry around; fits in a shirt pocket but may be a bit awkward. Pants, coat pocket or purse are more suitable. The s90 weighs in at only 6.2 ounces but is a slight larger (3.9 x 2.3 x 1.9″) and less rounded than many Canon SD subcompact cameras.
  • Larger sensor than most compact digital cameras- 10 megapixel, 1/1.7″ CCD.
  • High ISO performance – though not DSLR quality, the camera does exceptionally well up to ISO 800; even ISO 1600 shots are usable. It does better than any of the many compact digital cameras I’ve owned.
  • 3″ very bright wide-angle LCD (but no viewfinder)
  • Ring Function button – the button is located on top of the camera near the shutter release button. It lets you assign a setting to the lens control ring such as ISO, Exposure Compensation, White Balance, Manual focus, or five step zoom settings.
  • Lens control ring– used to assign functions to the control ring.
  • Full manual, semi-automatic and scene modes.
  • AE/AF Lock – lock exposure and focus independently by pressing the Control Wheel to one side. You can also dedicate the Shortcut button to either of these functions. AE/AF Lock works with the built-in flash.
  • Effective optical image stabilization – shoot only, continuous, panning.
  • Focus point has two settings: standard to small. The small AF point allows for more precise focusing.
  • RAW file format – the camera can be set to shoot RAW. In addition, there is a secondary menu setting so the camera will shoot RAW plus JPEG simultaneously.
  • Motorized, pop-up flash – the flash is quite effective for a small flash and gives good coverage at wide angle. Depending on the shooting angle, red-eye can be a problem. The flash will push your finger up if you hold the camera at the top.
  • Auto detection – Automatic face, motion and Smart Auto scene detection
  • HC MMCplus memory card compatibility. Users can use memory cards from cameras, phones and similar devices.

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