Canon s90

Canon S95 custom grip

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Consider this custom grip if you own and have difficulty holding the Canon s95, or simply want to improve its ergonomics.

As noted in another blog post, Richard Franiec’s Custom Grip significantly improves the ergonomics of my Canon s90 digital camera. I’m happy to report that the current version of the custom grip can be used on both the Canon s90 and s95.

The s95 has some physical improvements over its predecessor such as a textured surface and a slightly improved control wheel. Still some will find the lack of a grip a disappointment, especially those who like to hold their camera with one hand.

If you have difficulty holding the s95, or simply want to improve the overall ergonomics, consider the s95 grip. It fits the camera perfectly, adds little weight and has an appropriate matching finish.

Take some dry runs before installing

Richard recommends taking a few “dry runs” placing the grip before removing the backing material from the tape. After actual installation, the camera is ready to use in about a half an hour. Full bond takes effect in a couple of hours.

s95 fits in Canon's custom leather case

Even under heavy use, the grip will stay on the camera indefinitely. However, it can be removed if needed by using a simple “tool” found in your medicine cabinet: dental floss.

Canon custom case and the grip

For those who already own, or are considering purchasing, the Canon Deluxe Leather Case PSC-3200, the s90 and s95 will fit with the grip installed, as you can see from the accompanying image.

Richard makes grips for other camera models, as well as hot shoe covers, remote cable releases and other specialized camera accessories. Visit Richards site to order the s95 grip and for other information.


  • Hi,

    You might also consider the flipbac camera grip. I think it is just as good and only cost 10 dollars, not $35 for the RF grip. I have it on my S95 and no regrets, really good fit and finish.

  • I’ve been loving the look of a Canon S95 camera and would love to own one after my Canon G10. It’s good to know from your blog that a custom grip would be needed to improve the ergonomics of the camera. Thanks for the info.

  • Wow, Monica. With Santa giving you so many cameras, I may stop by your place next Christmas. 😉 Yes, Richard’s grip certainly improves the ergonomics of cameras like the s90 and s95. Enjoy your new toys!

  • Knew I was getting the S95 for Christmas so I asked my brother (who never knows what to get for me) to buy me the grip. I installed it and I love it! It does help to hold the camera. I was use to my slightly bigger SD850 IS. It’s a great camera that I’ll use when I don’t want to carry my Nikon D7000 (also new for Christmas). 🙂

  • Belinda, Live View on a DSLR works differently than a LCD on a compact camera, at least to this point in time. If you haven’t done so already, check your camera manual for instructions and also check the troubleshooting section (also consider calling Canon tech support before returning your XS, which is a very fine entry-level DSLR).

    This article about Live View mode on the Canon XSi, very similar to the XS, may help. So may this article and video about Live View.

  • I’m not sure how this all works but here goes.  I just bought a Canon Rebel XS and have had it less than 24 hours.  I want to take it back already.  I am not sure how to use live view.  I have enabled it but everytime I try to use it, it says it’s busy and beeps until I move the big dial on top….  Can someone help me?  thanks, Belinda

  • That grip seems pretty cool might be useful for folks with chunkier hands.
    I’m trying to get together a community of S95 users together to figure out the ins and outs of this great little machine.  Check it out: