Canon s90

s90 Control Ring Solution

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

At last, a simple and inexpensive device that protects the free-wheeling rear control dial of the Canon s90 from unintentional movement. And it generally doesn’t hamper its normal use.

Canon s90 users, rejoice!

There now appears to be a fix for the much and rightly criticized rear control dial. If you’ve also had a love-hate relationship with the s90 because of its free-wheeling dial, read on.

Lensmate has a device that solves the pesky problem.

According to Lensmate:

“One thing that spoils the otherwise excellent interface of the Powershot S90 is the rear control dial. It turns too easily and the cluster of buttons inside and surrounding the dial are too easily pressed resulting in undesired changes, often not noticed until it’s too late.

“The solution – a small laser-engrave Delrin™ ring with an adhesive backing that surrounds the dial which eliminates unintentional dial rotation and button presses.”

The device works

My experience with the Lensmate s90 control ring device is very positive. Thankfully it indeed eliminates the possibly of inadvertently moving the rear dial and changing settings, a problem that has plagued me since I bought the camera some time ago!


Installing the device is easy and straightforward. Just make sure there is enough clearance between the device and the inner part of the control ring. I checked by running a fingernail around and between them.

No instructions are included with the device so watch the Lensmate video tutorial below.

Device changes feel of s90 control dial area

The device gives an entirely different feel to the control wheel and direct buttons area. It takes some time to adjust but it’s worth it to no longer have to worry about settings inadvertently changing.

Because using the control dial is now slower, I changed my previous setting assigned to it. It used to be to set to Exposure Compensation, which I often change when taking photos outside. Exposure Compensation is now assigned to the front control ring because it’s now faster than using the rear dial.

Lensmate s90 control wheel device not for everyone

Because it takes more effort to rotate the control wheel, the device will be a blessing for many s90 users. But it could be a curse for those who have minimal or no problems, who like use the wheel to quickly scroll through settings and menus and to review photos.

Some have reported that the device causes the rear dial either to turn too far or too little. Because of this, they completely remove the device. Others reduce the height of the device by rubbing it with fine sandpaper prior to installation.

If you find the s90 rear control dial a constant annoyance, the Lensmate device may be a welcome solution. There are other solutions as well, as pointed out in this thread at dpreview. Make sure to read the entire thread before deciding to use paper.

The device, which according to Lensmate also works with the Canon s95, costs $4.95 excluding the cost of shipping.

Note: for some, the device needs to be sanded down a bit so you can still use the control wheel. I was unable to easily change settings such as Aperture or a Scene mode before I sanded it down with a nail file. Because you can’t remove the device and install it again, many order two devices at the same time to avoid double shipping costs.

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