Canon XSi/450D

The first day with my Canon XSi/450D

A compact digital camera user confronts a digital single lens reflex camera for the very first time!

I’m having an quite unusual experience with my new Canon Digital Rebel XSi/450D. I’ve owned it less than 24 hours as I write this entry.

Compared to all the compact digital cameras I’ve owned through the years, the XSi seems huge and heavy. It is certainly among the lightest digital single reflex cameras currently on the market. Still, it’s heavy to me.

Whenever I buy a new camera, I sit myself down in an easy chair with the manual in my hands and the camera nearby. I spend hours with the manual and pick up the camera to try out features as I read about them.

Every time I picked up the XSi or even looked at it, I asked myself, do I really want this huge thing?!

But then I actually went out and took photos with it. To my surprise, its size and weight were the farthest things from my mind.

The XSi an amazing, responsive and impressive camera. The focus is almost instant and it’s so fast you don’t even have to wait for image files to write to the memory card.

The colors the XSi produces are rich and beautiful. Images are sharper straight from the camera that I’ve ever experience with a compact. The results using high ISO numbers are all that I’ve dreamed about. Buttons are intuitively placed and I find the menu system easy to navigate, though I’m still not up on all the settings.

Of course, I’ve hardly even scratched the surface. Despite the size of the XSi, I think I’m really going to enjoy this camera!