Canon XSi/450D

XSi Live View modes

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Using Live View on the Canon XSi is much different than using the LCD on a compact digital camera.

Live viewUsing the LCD on the Canon XSi is quite different than using a LCD on a compact digital camera. For those who don’t or rarely use a viewfinder, this may come as a rude awakening. Live View is most suited for low and high angle shots and when using a tripod.

From a practical standpoint, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense holding a heavy DSLR and lens at arms length to take a photo. In fact, Canon recommends using Live View primarily when the camera is mounted on a tripod. The XSi manual states “If you hand hold the camera like a compact digital camera and shoot while viewing the LCD monitor, camera shake can cause blurred images.”

XSi Live View modes

Quick mode

In Quick mode, AutoFocus mode momentarily stops the view on the LCD while quickly setting focus. To lock focus, the AE Lock (*) button needs to be pressed. Quick mode is faster and more accurate than Live mode, but the price to pay is the brief blackout of the display between shots.

Live mode

In Live mode, the scene is continuously displayed on the LCD. Pressing the * button locks focus. Live mode is slower than Quick mode but the LCD is not interrupted when the * button is pressed. In a similar fashion to a compact camera LCD, Live mode simulates the actual exposure, giving a better idea of how the scene will be exposed. You can also verify depth of field in Live view. This mode is well-suited for close-up shots and timed exposures.

Using Live view

To use Live view, it must be enabled. For autofocuing in Live view, the XSi should be set to ONE SHOT and AutoFocus should be set to ONE SHOT, not nine points. For manual focus, switch the lens to manual focus.

Live view takes some getting used to, so using the manual to learn about this feature is a must. Instructions start on page 96.