Canon XSi/450D

XSi quick tips

Some things I discovered when learning to use the Canon Rebel XSi/450D.

Here are some things I discovered while using and learning about the Canon XSi/450D. One of the most important things to learn, particularly for a new DSLR user, is to become very familiar with the lenses you use and get to know their “sweet spots.” I share more about my experiences with lenses elsewhere in this blog.

  • Image sharpness – using a small aperture, will help increase sharpness and depth of field in a photo. Each lens has a different “sweet spot,” f-stops usually found in the mid-range that produce the sharpest images.
  • Custom white balance – Use a custom white balance to obtain more natural looking colors when taking photos inside. It is very easy to set with the XSi [manual page 90].
  • High ISO – To get the best possible results when shooting at high ISO settings, expose well and avoid underexposure. This is true for any camera, not only the XSi.
  • Simulate ISO 3200 –  switch the camera to ISO 1600. Set Exposure Compensation to -1. As a safety net, shoot RAW so you can make necessary adjusts when editing.
  • Continuous shooting does not work when High ISO Speed Noise Reduction is enabled.
  • When AF Lock is enabled, the XSi won’t focus automatically when you half-press the shutter release button. You must press the (*) button to focus.
  • Increased noise – when using Highlight Tone Priority mode, there will be an increase in noise in dark areas. The problem is worse when using HTP to photograph high contrast scenes.
  • Format memory card – to keep your memory card so it provides optimal performance, do a low level format on a regular basis. I generally do a low level format once a month.


  • Your problem is a dodgy sd card. Don’t buy from China when it comes to things like that, it will almost always result in you losing money!

  • Camera ::Canon 450D
    I did the very same thing fromChina with an 8gb card,
    thinking I had a good buy all I kept getting was…
    It doesn’t recognize the card. It says I must format the card.
    I also Formatted it on my Desktop, same result would not Format!!

  • i read it doesn’t recognize 32gb max is 16gb…i use a 8gb and it’s not enough for me….

  • Make sure you weren’t sent a “fake SD card” (more info). I know the XSi takes Secure Digital High Capacity SD cards but, as far as I can find, the specifications don’t state a maximum size. I’d try another card, maybe 2 or 4GB. Bring the camera with you and test it in the store if they let you. If the card works, give it a low level format before taking photos.

  • Hi , I just bought my Canon Rebel Xsi on ebay from a USA seller. Then I ordered a 32GB SDHC SD memory card on ebay ,came from China . Both camera and card are new. With the power off ,I insert the card then turn it on. It doesn’t recognize the card. It says I must format the card. I do the format and it says Cannot format this card. Try new card. why is it saying this… because the card is from China? Or is the card too big ?(32GB) How can I test the card? Any thoughts ? I will go buy another card ,maybe a 2 GB from Bestbuy to see if it works ,that will tell me if the camera works ok. thanks keith