Canon XSi/450D

XSi/450D: Overall impressions

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

My overall impressions of the Canon XSi/450D are very favorable. There is a lot to like about it.

Canon XSi/450DAfter getting over my initial doubts about the size and weight of the XSi/450D, I’m really starting to like this camera. There is a lot to like.

As stated elsewhere in this blog, the XSi is fast and responsive, produces quality images with astounding color, and is feature packed!

The XSi looks and feels heavy to me but, ironically, not when actually using it.  Buttons and dials are intuitively placed and the menu system is good. The optical viewfinder is large and bright, which is important to me because I use viewfinders a lot.

Compact digital camera user meets DSLR

There are several things I’m going to have to get used to after using only compact digital cameras for so many years. For one thing, I’m discovering that I will get better images by using aperture or shutter priority mode rather than relying of an automatic mode.

Noise vs. Noise

I was happy that I could turn off all those annoying sounds on my compact digital camera. Not so with a DSLR. Like it or not, you hear the slapping sound of the mirror whenever the shutter release button is pressed.

But the gain is audible noise is a worthy price to pay for the loss of image noise. I can now use high ISO numbers with hardly a second thought. I try to stick to ISO 100 and 200, though ISO 400 and ISO 800 are very usable…so much so that I often keep my camera on Auto ISO.

Even images shot at ISO 1600 look great to my eyes; certainly not ready for the recycle bin like those from most of the compacts digital cameras I’ve owned.

One lens is not enough

One lens is just not going to do it. I knew that before I bought the XSi, but I didn’t realize how soon I’d be missing the vesatile all-in-one, wide to long telephoto zoom range of a camera like my Panasonic FZ18. So I’m already asking around about lenses with longer focal lengths.

Live View

Live View on the XSi is different from using the LCD on a compact digital camera. Yes, I can review photos and settings. However, for the type of photos I generally take, using Live View is impractical.

If I was taking close-up shots or using a tripod, it is fine. But it’s just not practical to take everyday shots holding a heavy camera at arms length.

No video mode

Many compact digital camera owners have some to expect video capabilities. I’m not really into video recording except for video snapshots, so keep this in mind before buying a DSLR if video is important to you.

The Canon T1i /500D is the successor to the XSi/450D. The T1i has full HD video capture.

Visit our Canon XSi/450D Photo Gallery for sample images taken with this camera.


  • A must reading for people like me that love digital cameras, I read all the Gail article about the FZ18 I still own, now I have a 450D, I’ll read all the infomation that Gail share with Us, thanks a lot.

  • Love these pictures.  I will be following your journey as I learn about my Rebel Xs!  Thanks for sharing your thoughts and impressions, and already I want a telephoto lens and an ultra wide lens…and..and…and…  lol.  I could easily spend another $2,000 on this camera for accessories!!!