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7+ Must-Have iPhone Camera Apps

Written by Shelly

With the continual improvements to the iPhone camera, users are getting even more excited about snapping high-quality photos with their phone. Luckily, there are several apps that can make the experience even better.

Updated 12/20011

With continual improvements to iPhone cameras, users are getting even more excited about snapping high-quality photos with their phone. Luckily, there are several apps that can make the experience even better. Check out our top picks for iPhone camera apps that will add the touch of fun you’re looking for:


Price: Free

Instagram is a wildly popular app lets you make mobile photos look like they were taken with a Polaroid camera in the ’70s. Add numerous filtered effects and borders to photos such as Linear and Radial Tilt-Shift blur for extra depth of field. After applying a filter, you can add a brief description to the photo and also geo-tag it. The app lets you instantly share photos with others through  an number of popular social networks. Instagram is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.


Price: $4.99

A photo editor that lets you easily enhance photos with one tap. The app offers basic editing tools such as adjusting color and exposure, straightening, cropping and making adjustmemts to saturation, white balance, and contrast. You can also use Control Points to selectively adjust only part of a photo. It also has nifty filters like Drama, Vintage, and Grunge. Share photos on social networks, or print then directly in Snapseed.


Price: $1.99




Their tagline says it all – “Digital Photography Never Looked so Analog.” The Hipstamatic app is a great way to add a “snapshot” feel to all your photos. The app was created to model the original Hipstamatic 100 that was created in 1982, that was the first camera of its kind that let users switch lenses and film. With the iPhone app, you can do the same thing!

Adobe Photoshop Express

Price: FREE

For on-the-go photos, what better resource than a well-known editing program like Photoshop? The Adobe Photoshop Express app is completely free and offers you a variety of editing features with the touch of a finger. You can crop, rotate, add effects and borders – or undo your changes in just seconds. And, you can store thousands of photos at and access it from your iPhone at any time. Also available is the Adobe Camera Pack, an In-App purchase that adds noise reduction, a self-timer and auto-review functions.

FX Photo Studio

Price: $0.99

For less than the price of a cup of coffee, you can turn your photos into vintage style, retro, or even what looks like a colored pencil drawing. The FX Photo Studio app has basic photo editing functions like cropping and brightness adjustment, as well as 140 filters and effects to choose from. It even lets you mix effects so you can create a photo that’s uniquely you.


Price: $1.99

Photo manipulated with Colorsplash

Winner of the “2009 Best Photo Manipulation App Award,” the Colorsplash app lets you change your photos to black and white, while keeping some elements in their original color. Just use your finger as a brush to remove or add color with your choice of four different brushes: Opaque, transparent, soft- or hard-edged to complete your photo. After it’s complete, share it with your friends on Twitter, Facebook, or Flicker.


Price: $2.99

Take seamless panoramas using up to 16 photos with the Pano app. The user-friendly interface allows you to line up your shots perfectly, then blends them together using advanced alignment and color-matching technology. After your panorama is complete, it uploads to your camera roll so you can view it at any time.

TiltShift Gen

Price: $0.99

As tilt-shift photos grow in popularity, the Tiltshift Gen app came just a the right time. The app gives you the capability to create retro miniature photos by adjusting various parameters. The friendly user interface lets you take a photo or import one from your library, then adjust saturation, brightness, and contrast – and finally, choose your blur type and amount, and adjust the color density to make the shot look “toy-ish.”

Photo Booth Classic Plus

Price: $1.99

If you’re yearning for the good old days of photo booth sessions with friends, the Photo Booth Classic Plus app is your answer. Take a series of four photos with your friends, and put them together to create vintage photo booth strips – in black and white or color. And, the app makes it easy to share with your friends – you can upload it to Facebook and Twitter in a matter of minutes.

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Photo credits: Hipstamatic illustration by Devin; Colorsplash illustration by StuartWebster