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Canon’s Customer Loyalty program

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Canon offers a Customer Loyalty program for owners of ailing Canon digital cameras and other Canon products.

Customer loyaltyIf your Canon digital camera is too expensive to repair and is out of warranty, consider Canon’s Customer Loyalty program. The program allows you to upgrade it to a refurbished, newer model at a price that is usually considerably less than repair.

You don’t necessarily have to get the same model as the camera you’re turning in. When you contact Canon, they’ll tell you the available models and price for each model. They will also ask for the the serial number of your current camera

A refurbished model usually comes with a six-month warranty. If it develops a problem during the warranty period, call Canon technical support. You’ll be sent a new camera with a prepaid box to return the defective one.

Should you buy a refurbished digital camera?

If you don’t crave a brand new digital camera, seriously consider a refurbished one. Typically refurbished cameras are returned by customers who simply didn’t want them and met the seller’s return criteria.

Canon and manufacturers who offer similar programs thoroughly check a camera, retest and recertify it before selling it refurbished.

NOTE: The Canon Customer Loyalty Program extends to other Canon products such as printers and scanners. If your older model is broken beyond repair, or too expensive to repair, you can get a new model at a discount directly from Canon. The program requires the serial number of the old model. Once provided, tech support will give you a discount access code and a phone number for the sales department should you want to place an order.

For complete information about the Canon Customer Loyalty program, contact Canon. In the U.S. the toll free number is 1-866-443-8002. Others should visit the Canon Worldwide website for contact information specific to their region.


  • Just then the problem appears when you manually turn iso3200 and shoot when shooting at night (maybe because it utilizes iso3200). I do not think it’s something mechanical because everything else works very well. I checked no new software update, but I think to try at least the same software to pre-install. But I do not know where to find software (may not be new but the same so I can try pre-install).

  • Tunay, there is no firmware update for your camera. If I understand you correctly, you may have manually set the camera to ISO3200. Set the camera to Auto ISO. Because of it’s small sensor, I don’t recommend shooting at ISO 3200, unless you have no choice, as most images will have a lot of noise and smearing of detail.

  • Hello, I want to ask if someone can help me with finding firmware for photo camera Canon ixus 1000h.? I have a problem with the camera as a photograph of iso3200 and ask to shoot iso3200 camera straight off. Otherwise it works perfectly. So I think that is a problem with something firmware camera. So I decided to update the camera but no new firmware in official website.

  • My experience with the Canon Loyalty program has not been a good one. One transaction had me paying for mistakes made by others and as such was extremely unpleasant.

    [Editors note: the original 1150 word comment was significantly shorted as it is way too long for a commenting area. A summary is being posted here so others know that not everyone has a good experience with this program. Canon initially sent the camera to a wrong address, it was then received damaged, he had several transaction and reversals of transaction fees…just a very time consuming and “extremely unpleasant” experience.]

  • I got a Canon IXUS 😯 IS camera. its not functioining . I hv shown this to some 1 and it said that motherboard is not working since it has fallen in water. I want to know how much does it cost?

  • You can try here, though it’s the Canon USA support site. Select your camera model, etc. to navigate to the download area. The first thing you’ll have to do it select your operating system.. If you had to completely reinstall everything on your computer, some of the software may not work as it is meant to update existing software. Another option, at least temporarily, is to download Picasa. You can import and export image files and the latest version even opens RAW files. It’s certainly not as sophisticated at the Canon software, but it’s better than nothing.

  • I carry both 350d and 400d cameras, my laptop crashed and the software to down load is back in Australia and unable to get back right now. Can I download the software ? if so what web should I surf for ?