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Canon EOS M custom grip

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Uninstalled EOS MgripLike all of Richard Franiec’s custom grips, his grip for the Canon EOS M is beautifully crafted and significantly improves the ergonomics and handling of this small, boxy camera. The friction pad that Canon puts on the camera is certainly not a substitute for a decent grip.

One of the benefits of the Canon EOS M cameras is that with an adapter larger EF lenses can be attached directly to the camera. It’s when using a larger lens, including the rather diminutive 18-55mm kit that comes with the camera, that you really learn to appreciate the benefits of the grip!

The grip, CNC machined from solid block of aircraft-grade aluminum alloy and anodized to closely match the camera body finish, significantly enhances camera handling and adds a high level of comfort and safety.

Installation of the EOS M grip

I found installation of the grip quite easy, taking only a few moments longer than installing Richard’s grips that I’ve used on other model digital cameras.

EOS M gripThe instructions that come with the grip should be carefully followed. Do go through the dry run routine that’s recommended.

During my dry runs, I found that carefully watching for the correct distance of the bottom of the grip to the bottom of the camera helped ensure quick and proper alignment. Once aligned, the grip slips perfectly into the slots that are seen after the friction pad is removed.

eosm-grip-adapterIt’s difficult to write about Richard’s products without mentioning what a pleasure it is to work with him. His responsiveness is beyond reproach. Richard takes pride in the products he manufactures and makes every effort to ensure his customers are satisfied! I’ve been a very satisfied customer for years.

For more information about the EOS M grip visit Richard’s website. Richard also provides visual installation instructions. Do check them out.