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Chromebook May Not Meet Your Needs

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

confused-chromebookBefore buying a Chromebook, make sure it meets your specific needs. I assumed the Chromebook would meet mine, but I was wrong.

I purchased my Chromebook primarily to do work helping edit a trade magazine. I often go between two places and figured I’d get lightweight device to leave at one place so I didn’t have to lug my older and somewhat heavy Windows 7 notebook back and forth.

What I discovered is that my Chromebook is very much for a single user for some work. In my case, I use Google Drive to upload images and write articles but I use the Google Drive of the magazine editor rather than my own.

Doing so is quite easy on my notebook. All I have to do is open two browsers. I use Firefox for myself, and Chrome to access the editor’s Google Drive.  I  save work  to my hard drive then  log into the editor’s Google Drive account to upload text documents and images there.

Living in a browser

No so with a Chromebook. I need to log off of one account before logging into another. If I save files to my personal account, they can not be accessed from the editor’s account.

Yes, I can “share” files, but I’ve avoided doing so because it requires that I access the editors personal gmail account, something I prefer not to do.

I realize that my intended use of a Chromebook may be rather unique, however if you have specific needs for a Chromebook, you may want to check one out before buying. For some Windows users looking for a low cost, lightweight second notebook, they should check out other alternatives. As one forum participant put it, “If you can live in browser, more power to you. Personally, I have professional applications I need to use, so a glorified browser operating system does nothing for me.”