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Cosmos Touch photo-taking tips

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Tips to improve the quality of photos taken with the LG Cosmos Touch built-in camera.

I’m not into fancy phones so when changing to a new wireless service provider, I chose the Cosmos Touch. It only has a 1.3 megapixel camera but it’s okay because I always carry a compact camera with me since it’s much more versatile than any current camera phone.

Comos Touch photo quality

I’ve read a number of complaints about the poor quality of photos taken with the Cosmos Touch and the complaints are justified. The colors are okay but they lack detail and generally exhibit poor tonal range. Don’t expect much from the Cosmos Touch for serious photo-taking; images are only useable for snapshots. In fact, in my experience, they do not improve much with minor editing, especially sharpening.

100% crop; no editing

Photos taken in the shade or in low light will lack detail. 100% crop, no editing.

How to improve photo…a little bit…using the Cosmos Touch


When you turn on the camera there will be a focus area on the screen. Since the camera doesn’t have autofocus, touch the focus point to focus the camera. Refocus when the distance changes between the camera and a subject.

Holding the Cosmos Touch when taking photos

Orientation – When holding the phone horizontally, it’s very easy to cover the camera lens with a finger. You’ll see your finger on the screen so just move it out of the way. When holding the phone vertically, the camera icons and don’t change their orientation so it will be difficult but not impossible to read the menu when taking portrait shots. You can always turn it horizontally to adjust settings, then switch it back vertically.

Keep it steady – The Cosmos Touch doesn’t have Image Stabilization so it’s important to hold the camera as steady as possible. I personally find it easier to hold when the keyboard in open. Taking photos in low light will be particularly challenging. The camera has rounded corners so it can not stand on its side. You’ll have to lean it against something to keep it steady or when using the self-timer. I have a rubberized cover, which helps the camera from slipping when propped on its side.

Lighting and White Balance

Like most digital cameras, the Cosmos Touch will do it’s best when taking photos in good light. Don’t expect much for  inside shots. Auto white balance is not suitable for most inside shots. Change the setting to Glow (for incandescent lighting) or Fluorescent. Use the Sunny and Cloudy white balance settings when appropriate.

Zoom vs shooting at full resolution

The Cosmos touch has a 2X zoom. But it can not be used if you shoot at full 1280 X 960 resolution. So if you want to use the zoom reduce the resolution. However, if you’re going to do any editing at all, whether in-camera or with a photo editing program, it’s best to shoot at full resolution so you have more area to work with.

Picture Gallery

In the Picture Gallery where images are saved, you first view photos as thumbnails. Touch an individual image to see it full screen. You can zoom in on an image, and even do some very basic editing such as cropping and rotating an image,  draw on it or add a frame and a little cartoon stamp.

To edit an image once it’s opened, press the Options Icon and then touch edit. All the editing tools have icons but no text descriptions so check the manual if you need descriptions.

Saving images to a microSD card

If you plan to take a lot of photos, consider getting a microSD card and set the phone to save images to the card. But before using the card for the first time, format it in the phone:

Menu > Settings > Memory > Card Memory > Options -> Format

Then set the phone to save files to the SD card:

Menu > Settings > Memory > Save Options > Pictures > Card Memory

Images can be viewed on a PC by using a microSD card reader. Or after the Cosmos Touch is connected to the computer, it needs to be put it into USB mode. Check the phone manual for specifics and how to use the Mass Storage Device.

Cosmos Touch missing camera features

Though listed in the manual, my Cosmos Touch camera does not have the following three features: Night Mode, Noise Reduction, Auto Save. I spoke with Verizon tech support and was told that not all features shown in the manual are on the phone. Oh well. I’ve read comments about the Cosmos Touch that the Night and Noise Reduction modes are not that effective anyway.

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  • I recently got this phone and like your tips about using the camera. As you point out it’s not the best camera but following the tips helps. I particularly like the suggestion to take pictures at full resolution since I have more area to work with when editing.