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Written by Gail Bjork

I hesitated putting a skin on my camera, but after using one for a while, I plan to keep it on most of the time.

Boxwave flexskin

My Canon SD700 is so beautiful that I hesitated putting a skin on it. But after using one for a while, I plan to keep it on most of the time.

My camera is tiny enough to slip right into a pocket. But I’ve always worried about scuffing and scratching it. Since using a skin, much of the worry is gone. I also have less worry about dropping the camera because the skin is slip-resistant.

I’m using FlexiSkin made by Boxwave. What surprised me is that it’s so precision-crafted. I can easily access all camera control buttons. Cutouts for features such as the mode dial, viewfinder and speaker are perfectly aligned.

I do wish, however, that I could access the battery/memory card compartment without removing the skin. At least the skin is tear-resistant so that should help. I take a lot of photos and charge the battery frequently, so I’ll probably remove the skin when on a hefty photo shoot.

The FlexiSkin comes with a removable plastic LCD cover to help prevent scratches and keep off debris. When the screen is turned on, the LCD is easy to see through the plastic. I personally prefer to remove the cover when taking photos.

Lens petalsThe FlexiSkin has a cutout so the lens can zoom in and out. It would be nice if there was some sort of covering for this area, such as lens petals that open and close as the lens expands and retracts. Such a feature would provide additional protection, making it less worrisome when placing the camera in a purse or briefcase without a pouch.

The product is very useful. Besides, since I bought the semi-opaque Frosted Clear skin, my SD700 still looks so beautiful!

Update: there are several companies who make skins for digital cameras but, unfortunately they don’t come in all models. My next skin will be from Delkin because I really like the lens petals that open and close with the lens.

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