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Digital picture frames

Written by Gail Bjork

Take your memorable photos out of their digital shoebox and display them on a digital picture frame that you can place on a table top or desk.

Digital photoframeDigital picture frames! What a great way to show off your digital photos.

I haven’t bought a frame yet because the one’s I want are a bit pricey (and I’m looking to buy a new camera in a few months). But I know a number of people who received them as presents and they love them, though admittedly it took some time to set up.

I did some research on digital picture frames and was surprised at the number of features one has to consider. Here is some of what I’ve learned.

A digital picture frame, powered by batteries or AC adapter, is similar in shape and size to a regular picture frame. It has an LCD screen that displays photos in a slideshow format. Images are viewed directly from a memory card or when connected to a camera.

Many digital picture frames connect directly to the Internet by phone. New images and information can be downloaded to display on the screen.

Getting high image quality should be the only feature upon which to make your decision. Check out the features you may want and if the frame is relatively easy to set up.

Digital picture frame features

Features vary depending on the price you pay for the frame. They may include:

  • display that can be set to turn on and off at preset times each day
  • power-saver mode that goes off after about an hour of inactivity with a built-in motion sensor to “awaken” the display
  • multi memory card reader slot; some frames have two or more slots
  • multiple viewing modes
  • multiple slideshow options
  • remote control to pause or rotate images
  • built-in MP3 player for background music
  • plays MPEG video
  • interchangeable frames to match your decor

For best viewing

For best viewing, look for a digital picture frame with as high a resolution as possible. Never get one with a resolution below 640 by 480 pixels. You’ll also want to take a look at the screen to make sure you can see the pictures at expected viewing angles, other then just straight on.

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