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The Fujifilm Super CCD sensor

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

How I wish more digital cameras had a sensor like FujiFilm’s Super CCD. There are few compact cameras that perform as well using high ISO numbers.

Since this article was originally published, the low light capabilities of a growing number of small, point and shoot digital cameras has improved: Low light pocket digital cameras

Update: Fujifilm’s latest sensor is the Super CCD EXR which, according to Fujifilm, has three capture modes that change according to the scene. It allows users to capture fine detail at high resolutions. When lighting is low, setting the camera to less resolution improves sensitivity or dynamic range.

High ISOIf the FujiFilm F30 had a viewfinder, image stabilization and didn’t use xD picture cards, I’d own it today. But  I decided to buy the Canon SD700-IS instead, with no regrets.


Still, I long for a camera like the FujiFilm FinePix F30 or one of it’s successors.

FujiFilm cameras with a Super CCD sensor perform exceptionally well in low light. At the time of this writing, few compact digital cameras come close to the high ISO performance of Super CCD FujiFilm digital cameras.

Wonderful, Wonderful

It must be wonderful using ISO 400 and 800 and have little or no noise appear in digital photos. It must be wonderful taking high-quality photos in low without needing to use a dinky built-in camera flash.

Overall camera performance

Like all digital cameras, the FujiFilm cameras with Super CCDs are not perfect. Owners say you must tweak the settings in order to get optimally exposed photos taken in daylight. Not all point-and-shoot digital camera users like to tweak settings, and certainly not when taking photos in good light.

But if you take lots of low-light, inside and party shots, a FujiFilm camera with a Super CCD sensor may be perfect for you.