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Picasa for Mac: better late than never

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Finally, Picasa for Mac has arrived. Many Mac users will discover that the wait was well worth it.

Important information for Picasa and Picasa Web Albums users: Google shutting down Picasa

picasaI stopped using Mac computers years ago because I often felt like a second-class citizen. New or upgraded programs came out for PCs but Apple computer users often had to wait…and wait…and wait.

So it’s with gladness that I can now say better late than never that Picasa for Mac, the free photo editor and organizer by Google, has recently been released. I’ve been using it for some time on my PC, though I still use Photoshop for more serious editing.

Unfortunately, the program is only supported for Intel based Macs, and won’t work on others even if you have the latest operating system. But if you can use it, Picasa is a great, simple to use image organizing and editing program that will delight those who otherwise shy away from photo editing.

I’ve recommended Picasa to hundreds of people and am glad that I can finally recommend it to many of my Mac friends, too.

Compelling set of editing tools and filters

The latest version of Picasa offers a compelling set of useful image editing tools and filters. It even has a tool to eliminate scratches and blemishes. Picasa lets you turn photos into movies, slideshows and collages and does a whole lot more.

Picasa doesn’t have sophisticated layering capabilities such as Photoshop and Paint Shop Pro, but most won’t even miss them. Some of Picasa’s editing tools, however, are almost as effective as those found on more expensive editing programs. For the majority of people who don’t want to fuss with anything but basic image editing, Picasa is an excellent choice. And it doesn’t even cost a nickel.

Picasa works seamlessly with Picasa Web Albums, another Google freebie. Open a free Web Album account and you’ll be able to upload your photos right from the Picasa program on your desktop to your online gallery.

There are a few goodies available on Picasa for PCs that didn’t make it to the Mac version. But, heck, so what. It’s such a good program even without them.

For more information about other Picasa for Mac features, or to download the program visit: