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Process Lasso

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Process Lasso, a free software application, improves a PC’s responsiveness and stability. Simply install it and start enjoying better system performance.

After installing a few Windows Vista updates, my notebook computer started running hot non-stop. I became very concerned about the heat and constantly running fan. In addition, video playback became choppy.

Live with it or system install?

No matter what tweak, system restore or uninstall I tried, nothing improved. I came to the conclusion that I had two choices: live with the heat and choppy video, or reinstall the entire Vista operating system and start from scratch.

The very thought of a complete system reinstall was depressing.

Forum participant advice to the rescue

Before doing anything else, I decided to discuss the problems in an online forum. As often is the case, a forum participant came to the rescue and suggested a program called Process Lasso developed by Bitsum Technologies. Process Lasso is touted to be “the ultimate process priority optimization and automation software” that improves a PC’s “responsiveness and stability during periods of high CPU load. “

Though initially reluctant to chance messing up my notebook any further, I decided to give it a try. I downloaded and installed the free version of Process Lasso.

Process Lasso delivers

It worked! Video now runs smoother than ever before where ever I view it. And my notebook computer runs cool.

I have no idea how Process Lasso works, only that it does.

After a quick and easy installation, Process Lasso begins to go to work immediately. Once installed, the program places a green square icon in the right bottom of the system tray that lets you know the program is running.

Advanced users can tweak the configuration, which looks intimidating to non-tech savvy persons like me. However following the installation, nothing more has to be done. My notebook is purring once again like a kitten.

If you want to prevent system stalls and improve the responsiveness of your Windows-based computer, check out Process Lasso.

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