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Richard Franiec’s Canon S100 grip

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Richard Franiec’s grip for the Canon S100, while understated compared to his S90/95 grips, definitely improves handling of the camera.

When you first look at Richard Franiec’s custom grip for the Canon S100, what immediately strikes you is that it is very understated compared to his grips for the S90/95.

If you’re a user of one of his other grips like I am, you may wonder if it’s a worthwhile accessory in light of  the improved ergonomics of the S100 over its predecessors.

The answer depends on how comfortable and secure the camera feels in your hands as is.

S100 custom grip improves ergonomics

S100 built-in grip

The S100 has three main ergonomic features: a textured surface to help prevent the camera from slipping out of your hand, a well-sculptured thumb rest on the back of the camera and a narrow finger grip on the front. While the finger grip makes holding the camera a bit easier than the S90/S95 that have none, let’s face it, the built-in grip will never win an award for comfort.

I personally find the built-in grip does little to make the S100 easier to hold, especially in one hand. It actually feels quite awkward to me.

When on a photo shoot, I carry the camera in my right hand with a finger always on the shutter-button so I’m ready for any photo opportunity that presents itself. Richards custom grip is a huge improvement for holding the S100 in this manner, as well as holding it when taking shots.

S100 grip quality and feel

S100 & S90 custom grip comparison

Richard’s S100 grip is made of a high-quality machined metal. Its shape and crisscross pattern make the camera easier and more secure to hold.

Since the custom grip has a much lower profile than previous grips, the camera remains very pocektable. If you already own a camera bag or pouch that snugly hold the S100, you probably won’t have to buy a new one because of the low profile of the grip.

While the S100 grip doesn’t have the deeper contour of previous grips, it does enhance the ergonomics and handling of the camera. Should you decide to buy one, you won’t be disappointed.

Note: Installation instructions are included in the package when you buy the S100 grip. Do heed Richard’s suggestion and perform a “dry run” (or two) before mounting the grip in order to correctly position it.

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