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Samsung DualView digital cameras

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Frame better portrait and group shots with the front LCD on Samsung’s new DualView digital cameras. The cameras even snap the photo when you smile.

Front view of Samsung DualView digital camera

Not so long ago, it seemed like every time a new compact digital camera came out it was donned with an innovative feature that got you yearning to dump your old and buy a new one. I can still remember when digital cameras didn’t have autofocus assist lamps, image stabilization, face detection, large high resolution LCDs or video recording…to name a few. Now features like these are taken for granted.

There have been some very silly digital camera features, too. But we won’t go into that in this article (but we do here).

While the features have certainly been improved and fine-tuned, not many unique ones have been added to compact cameras of late. So manufacturers started packing these small-sensored cameras with more megapixels, hoping consumers would be wooed to upgrade….thinking more megapixels just has to be better.

This month, however, Samsung announced two compact digital cameras, the ST550 and ST500 that have an innovative feature which many might find useful: two LCDs, one on the front and one on the back of the camera.

Dual view digital camera

Samsung DualView digital cameras

The rear touchscreen LCD is large and is used for framing and taking photos, accessing menus and reviewing images once taken. The camera has another LCD on the front, which is about half the size  of the rear LCD. It can be viewed while taking self-portrait and group shots, where the photographer wants to be in the picture. According to Samsung, you don’t even have to press the shutter button….just a big smile triggers the shutter button and takes the picture.

Whether a big smile is effective at capturing a decent portrait shot remains to be seen, however the LCD on the front of the camera, while not as versatile as articulating LCDs, it is a nice touch.

The Samsung cameras will be released in September 2009 with the following suggested retail price: TL225 $349.99; TL220 $299.99

For more information, visit the Samsung website.