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USBCell Rechargeable Batteries

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Recharge these batteries in any powered USB port

USB cell AA batteryIs it time to throw away your battery charger?


USBCells are unique batteries that can be charged in a USB port on your computer, or in a standard approved 250 mAh charger!

USBCELLs can be used in any electronic device that takes AA batteries such as digital cameras, remotes, wireless game controllers, MP3 players and noise-canceling headphones.

Plug and Power batteries

Pop open the cap on a USBCell battery and simply plug it into a powered USB port. According to the manufacturer, Moxia Energy, a USBCell takes about five hours to charge to over 90% of capacity, sooner if a battery is only partly depleted.

You can “top up” or partially charge a USBCell if you need power in a hurry. Like other NiMh batteries, they don’t suffer from a “memory effect.”

USBCells can be charged about 500 times before they lose a significant amount of their capacity.

These convenient batteries have received high marks from users, however depending on the location of USB ports on some computers, only one USBCell may fit at a time.

USBCells are also more expensive than most other AA batteries.

Other batteries under development

At this writing, only AA sized USB batteries are available. However, according to the company, the following sizes are planned for future development: AAA batteries, C/D size, 9V battery cell & Prismatics and those for major phones, Smart PDA and portable devices.

You can sign up at Moxia Energy’s website to be notified by email when these batteries become available.