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What is TransferJet?

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Simply touching two TransferJet devices together automatically initiates the transfer of photos and files at blazing fast speeds. No cables or pairing of devices required.

Transferjet logoTransferJet is a wireless technology that is said to be faster than Bluetooth and wireless USB.

TransferJet, developed by Sony, allows for the transfer of files between two TransferJet enabled devices by simply touching or bringing them in close proximity. There is no complicated set-up or need for cables or the pairing of devices.

Low transmission power – higher security

The transmission power of TransferJet technology is very low. As a result, it is said to rarely create interference with other wireless devices. And because of the short transmission distance, the possibility of data theft is minimal. A user can both specify and restrict which other devices can be connected by TransferJet.

Transferjet product applications

Screenshot from Sony website showing potential product applications using TransferJet wireless technology. Click to enlarge.

To use TransferJet, you need a TransferJet-equipped camera and memory card. Some devices can be made compatible by using TransferJet bases, or cradles.

Blazing fast speed

Photos can be wirelessly transmitted in seconds to other TransferJet-compatible devices such as cameras, PCs, notebooks, digital photo frames HDTV and other high-definition audio-video recording devices.

TransferJet allows large quantities of data to be transmitted at speeds of 560Mbps.

According to Sony, “This all-new technology will be featured on devices from a growing number of brands including: Canon, Kodak, Hitachi, Nikon, Sharp, Panasonic, Samsung, Pioneer, Toshiba, and many more.”

For more information, visit the TransferJet website.