Fujifilm F20

Fujifilm Standard or Chrome

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Why I prefer Fujifilm Standard color mode over Chrome mode

chrome-standardWhen I first experimented with my F20, I fell in love with the Chrome color setting, which is accessed through the F-Mode menu. According to Fujifilm, the chrome setting increases saturation and contrast so colors look more vivid. And they certainly do.

To my eyes, the colors that are affected most are red, greens, yellow and blues. You don’t see a dramatic change in colors that are already very vivid. Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

After taking a number of photos in Chrome, I decided to stop using it as a default setting. In this mode, bright, blue skies can appear artificial and posterized to my eyes; grass looks unrealistically green; and flesh tones too red.

I switched back to Standard Color mode because it produces images with more natural colors. If needed, they can be perked up when editing.

On the other hand, if I was going to some place very colorful, such as a circus or festival, I would take some shots using chrome.

Chrome is a mode that is probably best suited to those who don’t like to process their photos, who want vivid, highly saturated images right out of the camera. Those who enjoy photo editing can increase color saturation, brightness and contrast as they process their images.