Misleading camera sales tactic?!

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Do your own homework before buying a digital camera or you could get snookered by a salesperson!

Confused by the salespitch?

Confused by the salespitch?

I recently read a post by a photography forum participant who was upset because he felt he bought the wrong digital camera. He had compared two Canon Elf cameras and asked about a feature on one that was not on the other. The salesperson said the feature wasn’t important.


After the sale, the forum participant looked into it a bit further and says “Now I realize that was probably a sales tactic and he just wanted to sell me the more expensive camera.”

Probably right!

Sometimes misinformation given by a salesperson is just out of plain ignorance. When chatting with camera salespersons, I’m surprised at the number that have very little knowledge about the products they sell.

I just can’t understand why some companies fail to give employees adequate training.

Misleading information may also be given because salespeople are offered incentives to sell certain products. Great for the store earnings but not always great for the consumer.

It is important to do a little homework before buying a digital camera. Ignorance is not bliss but it can be expensive. You may end up paying more for a camera that has less.