Google Nexus 7 tablet

Blurex Ultra-Slim Case

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

A great case for protecting the Nexus 7, for carrying the tablet on the go and when snuggling in bed or curling up on a sofa to read your favorite ebook.

I didn’t really think about getting a case for my Google Nexus 7 tablet until I let some children use it to play games. Watching them made me realize how easily the tablet could be inadvertently dropped or scratched when in the “wrong” hands, or even in the “right” hands for that matter.

Besides protection from bumps and scratches, a case is great for carrying the tablet on the go and when snuggling in bed or curling up in a sofa to read an ebook.

Great quality and features

After considering a number of cases for the Nexus 7, I decided to get the Blurex Ultra-Slim Case. I liked the features, price and it is highly rated by those who own it.

The case is made of poly-synthetic leather that has the look and feel similar to real leather. It is lined with a soft, microfiber material. There are two grooves on the inside of the case so it can be used horizontally as a multi-angle stand, good for watching video or using an external keyboard.

The Blurex case features six points that securely hold the tablet in place when in portrait mode. In order to position it in landscape mode, unclip the upper and lower left clips before positioning the tablet edge into a groove.

All ports and buttons unobstructed

No part of the screen is obstructed. Unlike some cases with borders that cover the entire bezel, there is no interference when swiping and using other hand gestures. All ports, on/off and volume buttons, and front and back speakers are unobstructed and easy to access. Saying this, a case with borders may provide a bit more protection to the edges if the tablet is dropped when the cover is open.

The Blurex case has what’s known as “Smart Technology.” Magnets within the cover turn the screen on and off when opened and closed. However, the screen stays on when the front cover is folded to the back.

The case has an elastic loop to hold a capacitive touch stylus, but it only holds a slim one. I bought a stylus before realizing this and it doesn’t slide in the loop no matter how I try.

Although the case is considered ultra-thin, it does add weight and just about doubles the thickness of the tablet. Depending on how, and how long, you hold the combo, the tablet can begin to feel heavy after extended use. Saying this, it is very easy to remove tablet from the case when needed.

All things considered, the extra weight and thickness are a reasonable price to pay for the protection the cover provides.

Pros and Cons of the Blurex Ultra-Slim Case


  • Provides excellent protection for a tablet
  • Easy to access to all buttons and ports; does not cover the built-in speaker
  • Has a clip on the side that “locks” the cover when closed
  • Smart technology works well
  • Built-in a hand strap
  • Has no Velcro that could scratch the tablet
  • Music is audible when the cover is closed
  • Reasonably priced


  • Can’t really use the case as a stand in portrait mode
  • Adds weight and almost doubles the thickness of the tablet (but worth it for the protection it affords)
  • Stylus loop too tight for standard width capacitive touch styluses