Google Nexus 7 tablet

Google Nexus 7: fun and frustrating

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

As a new tablet user, it took me more than a month to begin to feel comfortable using the Google Nexus 7. There’s no reason why you have to wait that long.

If you’ve never used a tablet or similar device prior to buying the Google Nexus 7, you may be in for quite a surprise. The learning curve can be much steeper than expected.

Tablet techniques can be elusive

While there are similarities to using computers and computer programs, there are many tablet techniques that are different and even elusive.

For example, as a new tablet user, I had no idea how to correctly swipe my finger across the screen, or how to perform tasks such as saving, deleting and cutting and pasting files. Even when I figured out how to “save” a document or image in a particular application, I hadn’t the foggiest idea where it was actually saved on the tablet.

Essential techniques

I’m fairly savvy using Windows computers but felt like a little lost puppy trying to get a handle on using my new tablet. I’ve participated in enough forums to know that many who buy the Nexus tablet can find themselves in the same boat.

In these series of blog posts about the Nexus 7, I’ll share some of the essential things I learned as first-time user, information gained from hours of playing with the tablet. I’ve also spent many hours in Nexus 7 forums seeking and getting help from experienced Android tablet users.

The information is concise and easy-to-understand. It can give you a jump-start on using and enjoying your Google Nexus 7 tablet.