Nikon CoolPix 5400

Nikon 5400 issues

Some of the things I had to learn to deal with while using the Nikon 5400

Some of the concerns and issues of Nikon CoolPix 5400 users:

What’s that sound?

The 5400 emits a low but audible “grinding” sound when set to Continuous auto-focus (the default). To eliminate the sound, switch to Single Area Focus. Even when Single AF is selected, the camera continues to focus continually in Auto and Scene modes until the shutter is depressed halfway.

Lens extending

The lens extends when the 5400 is turned on unless the Mode Dial is set to a non-exposure mode such as Playback. When transferring images to a computer via the supplied USB cable you may wish to select a non-exposure mode before turning on the camera.

Camera lock-up

Occasionally the 5400 freezes for no apparent reason. The only solution is to completely remove the battery, then reinsert it.

Soft images

If you want sharper images straight from the camera, adjust the sharpness setting. The 5400 has five sharpening options: Auto, Off, Low, Normal, and High.

Made in Japan or made in Korea?!

The 5400 may be manufactured either in Japan or Korea. When the Korean-made 5400s first came out, there were issues which, according to informed users, have been resolved.

Possible Nikon 5400 repair issues

Unsharp images: a few users have reported fuzzy images of distant objects when taking photos at full zoom (4x). The solution was to send the 5400 to Nikon for recalibration.

Video Mode: some users of the 5400 & other CoolPix models, report that video and audio are out sync when video files are played back on a computer, though okay when played on the camera LCD. Contact Nikon while it is still under warranty. Note: The problem was not resolved by Nikon when I sent my 5400 in for repair.

The hot shoe: some experienced problems with the hot shoe being too tight, so much so that it’s difficult to slide an external flash on or off it. If you intend to use an external flash, get this checked out while on warranty.

Service advisory – Nikon 1.07

Service advisory: COOLPIX 3500, 4500, 5000 and 5400 digital cameras

Certain electronic image components in Nikon COOLPIX 3500, COOLPIX 4500, COOLPIX 5000 and COOLPIX 5400 digital cameras may, on rare occasions, fail. Failure is most likely to occur when the camera is used in extreme conditions.

According to Nikon, look for the following symptoms:

  • Images exhibit a strong pink or green tint.
  • Images are totally black.
  • Images contain defects. They may appear corrupted, contain vertical lines or bands, contain horizontal lines or bands or images contain noise.

If a faulty component is discovered, Nikon will replace it free of charge, even if your warranty has already expired. Contact Nikon in your country for more information.