Nikon CoolPix 5400

Likes & dislikes

The Nikon 5400 has a slow processor but is just about perfect for wide angle landscape and macro shots.

A word about the Nikon 5400’s slow processor

By today’s standards, the processor in the Nikon 5400 is slow, really sloooow. Images take several seconds to write to the memory card, too long of a time in the photography world that can cause you to miss a spontaneous or action shot. However for macro and wide-angle shots, where speed isn’t an issue, this camera is hard to beat in it’s class.

Things I like about the Nikon 5400

  • 28mm (35mm equivalent) wide angle lens
  • well designed
  • exceptional build quality
  • packed with features
  • excellent macro mode
  • twist and turn LCD, albeit small (1.5″)
  • hot shoe

Things I dislike about the Nikon 5500

  • slow processor
  • no autofocus assist lamp
  • did I say, slow processor
  • poor low light focusing
  • a lot of image noise when using ISO over 200