Nikon CoolPix 5400

My Nikon 5400 settings

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

These are my default settings for the Nikon 5400.

Nikon 5400These are the settings I use instead of the factory camera default settings. I change settings if the lighting or other conditions require they be changed.


  • Metering – Matrix
  • Sensitivity – 100
  • Focus options – Manual
  • White balance – Auto
  • Auto focus – Single auto focus
  • Sharpening – off
  • Shot confirmation – off

User and other settings:

The 5400 has two user “banks” where settings can be saved. Use one bank to store these frequently used modes which disable the flash.

  • Best Shot Selector (BBS)
  • Continuous – on

Photos by Gail taken with the Nikon 5400