Nikon D5000

More D5000 features & sample photos

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

The Nikon D5000 has easy-to-use features such as 19 auto-exposure scene modes and in-camera editing tools that first-time DSLR users will appreciate.

Nikon 5000DThe Nikon D5000 has other features that can be very useful, particularly for first-time DSLR users. If you’re intimidated initially by the complexity of a DSLR, the D5000 has 13 scene modes. If you don’t like to edit photos you can crop and retouch them with a number of in-camera editing tools.

Scene modes:

  • Six scene modes easily selected with mode dial
  • “Scene” mode on mode dial allows quick selection of 13 other scene modes via command dial

Retouch options:

  • easily available after shot when image still on LCD (and in playback mode) by pressing the “OK” button
  • lots of great, and fun options – especially the trim feature (saves a lot of post-production cropping)
  • saves to new copy, leaving the original intact – EXIF data retained on both original and copy
  • many other useful in-camera retouching options such as Filter Effects, Distortion Control, Monochrome, Stop Motion, NEF (RAW) processing, Straighten, Fisheye, Red-eye correction and Perspective Control.

Other things about the D5000 worth mentioning:

  • The delete button more conveniently placed on back of D5000.
  • Settings remain “saved” as selected when changing modes – a major blessing! (the D40 would revert to default values when changing from one mode to another)
  • The camera takes AF lenses – lenses must have a lens with an autofocus motor otherwise you need to focus manually.
  • Self-timer button – you can change not only the delay (2s, 5s, 10s, 20s), but also the number of shots (1-9).
  • You can reprogram the self-timer button for other options that you may use more often.
  • GPS capability
  • Direct printing

Sample photos taken with the Nikon D5000


Grasshopper by Rick Ellinger


Dahlia by Rick Ellinger


Hummingbird by Rick Ellinger