Nikon Coolpix P500

More about the Nikon P500

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

The Coolpix P500 is an impressive superzoom with many useful features. Too bad Nikon skimped on the battery charger and manual.

The Nikon P500 is an impressive superzoom with many useful features. Here is a list of additional features not listed elsewhere in my review. It also needs to be pointed out that the P500 doesn’t come with an external charger so the battery must be charged within the camera. And, unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a standard paper manual only a pdf version.

Other useful Nikon P500 features

  • Easy Panorama Mode that combines multiple shots in-camera into a seamless 180- or 360-degree panoramic picture.
  • Smart Portrait System which include a blink warning, skin softening and, of course, a red-eye reduction mode
  • Motion detector that identifies moving subjects and adjusts camera’s settings to capture the action
  • Many advanced scene modes such as Night Landscape and Night Portrait
  • Backlighting scene mode with high dynamic range (HDR) function
  • HD video in Slow Motion

Shot taken at widest angle: 23mm equivalent

No P500 charger, must charge battery in-camera

The Nikon P500 does not come with a battery charger, it must be charged in-camera.  Cables are included that allow charging from a power outlet or from your computer. A Nikon battery charger can be purchased separately.

Some companies make a charger for the Nikon EL-EN5 battery that is cord-free, and plugs directly into the outlet.  That is the option I selected.  It is very convenient and takes up much less room in my camera bag. Some of these chargers also come with a cable for use in the car.

Fix for the Nikon P500 battery drain problem

There have been numerous reported problems with the Nikon P500 battery completely draining itself. In some cases, owners can not even turn on the camera the battery is so low.

One solution appears to work for many: Via the setup menu, turn off the option of charge by computer, which is the factory default. The battery should no longer discharge in the camera. If this doesn’t work, contact Nikon tech support though, as of this writing, Nikon apparently has not acknowledged the problem. Also check for possible firmware updates.

No paper manual

The manual for the P500 is a PDF file format, there is no no printed copy.  I disliked that at first, but it does make it easier to search for a desired topic.  But I would still like to have a printed copy since I don’t always have my computer available. If needed, sections of the manual can be printed out on a printer.



  • I am sorry to hear that you have been having trouble with your P500. I have not heard of that problem before. It sounds like it could possibly be a memory card issue. Did you initialize the card with your P500? All else I can suggest, if you are still having the trouble, is to check with Nikon. They may have an update/patch for that or something. Sorry I couldn’t be of anymore help.

  • Everything is wrong with my camera. At any one time there are maybe 4 functions that don’t work correctly,with these changing for no apparent reason every day/some days. this can vary,from it not recording images, to freezing, deleting images already on the card,when l’m going through the images on the card, sometimes the screen turns white and l’m told in red capitals,’this card cannot be read’, with alage red in the top left hand corner. At any time 4 or more of these problems are present.