Random Thoughts

Decisions, confusing decisions!

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

When buying a digital camera or accessory, don’t let the decision making process become way too complicated.

Desicions, decisionsThere are lots of excellent choices today when it comes to buying a digital camera or accessory. It’s not uncommon for photo enthusiasts like me to visit an online forum and read user reviews to help decide which camera gear to buy.

But if you’re not careful the answers, while well intentioned, can sometimes be downright frustrating. Information overload are the operative words.

After years of mentally processing feedback, I heed the most well thought out opinions. Then I narrow down my choices of equipment to two. Finally, realizing nothing is perfect, I make my own decision, then don’t constantly ask myself, “gee, did I make the right decision.”

Advice. And more advice

I visited a photography forum where an individual asked advice about buying a film protector for the 3″ LCD on his digital camera. Two of us initially responded.

Both recommended an LCD protector by a particular company. The other individual suggested one that is clear. I suggested one that is anti-glare.*

The original poster responded to me somewhat humorously:

“That’s it, go and confuse me YET AGAIN, Gail. Thanks a lot! ;-)”

I felt his pain, but replied:

“The next person who comes along will recommend an LCD protector that’s made out of film.

“The person after that will recommend one made out of acrylic.

“Then someone will come along and suggest you use no film protector at all.

“The next person heartily agrees with the suggestion above because he thinks you should get an LCD Hood instead.

“Then someone says not to buy that camera because it doesn’t have a viewfinder.

“Yet another person suggests a different model camera altogether because the LCD on it has a better resolution and an anti-glare coating.

“The next person…. “

*Neither suggestion was right or wrong. The other person had a different camera. My LCD was 3,” his was 2;” my LCD had a higher resolution. His camera has a viewfinder to use in a pinch. Mine did not. Most importantly, we shot different subject matter, in different lighting conditions.