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Old (bags) vs. new

Written by Gail Bjork

Older folks aren’t as dumb with electronics as some young folks think.

Not impressedIf we’re lucky, most of us will grow old.

I’m not quite sure just what age is considered old but there are a number of young folks who think older people are dumb. And, boy, can they get huffy if anyone points out how their statements stereotype older folks.

Here’s a statement* typical of those I too often stumble upon in online photography forums:

I do like the face detection feature (easy to use for my older family’s members). (sic)

Certainly some digital cameras have gimmicky features that are well-suited for those who only want to point-and-shot. But invariably some smarty pants asserts that the feature is for older folks (and soccer moms, but that’s another story).

The implication, of course, is that older folks are only capable of using a fully automatic digital camera. I know a number of young, well-educated individuals who haven’t the foggiest idea how to set exposure compensation or ISO on a camera. They don’t even know what the words mean.

A friend of mine bought a new car recently. He mentioned that when asking if it was difficult to pair the built-in Bluetooth with his mobile phone, the young salesman told him to ask his three year old grandchild!

Funny, real funny.

When the salesman realized my friend wasn’t amused, he told him to make an appointment and a mechanic would help.

My friend went home, pulled into his driveway, and sat in the car with the manual and his mobile phone in hand. He had them paired in less than 10 minutes!

Oh, he also knows where to place apostrophes.

* taken from a post in the Canon Talk Forum at dpreview on 4:56:20 AM, Friday, January 12, 2007 (GMT). I won’t put a link to the thread to further embarrass the original poster.

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