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Susan Boyle: A lesson for photographers

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

For those who love photography, there is a lesson to be learned from the phenomenal Scottish singer Susan Boyle: a master photographer may be within each of us just waiting to be discovered.

I was instant messaging with a friend a few nights ago and right before we signed off she sent a link and wrote, “If you have not seen this already have a look, though most of the world seems to have seen it.”

I hadn’t.

Susan Boyle of ScotlandI clicked the link, which brought me to a YouTube video of Susan Boyle, a virtually unknown (at the time), unassuming 47 year old singer from Scotland who auditioned last week on Britain’s Got Talent.

I don’t know how many times I watched the video that night, or since then. But I do know that Susan’s performance captivated and inspired me like countless millions of others throughout the world.

So much as been said and written about this talented treasure there is little I can add. The truth is that no words can even begin to describe the experience of hearing Susan sing and sensing in your spirit the profound message of this phenomenon.

A few days after her appearance, Susan was asked on Scottish Television, “So where is this going to go Susan – are you going to wait and see what happens? How far do you think you can go with this?”

“Through to the bitter end. But I’ll do something – wee baby steps.”

The lesson

So you may ask, why is someone writing about Susan Boyle in a digital photography blog?!

It’s because the message of Susan most certainly applies to photographers. There may be a master photographer within each of us that’s waiting to be discovered but the circumstances of life simply have gotten in the way.

Don’t continue to let them.