Photographing Online Auction Products

TopTips for Photographing Online Auction Products

AuctionWhy settle for good photos when you can take great ones that help sell your products more quickly at online auction sites such as eBay?!

TopTips for Photographing Online Auction Products, only $3.95, offers some of the best digital camera tips for taking eye-catching product photos, ones that more quickly catch the eyes of potential buyers.

Also learn simple but useful editing techniques to help you turn dull, blase photos into ones that “pop.”

  • Avoid the photographic mistakes that many online auction sellers make
  • Discover how to use natural lighting and household items to create a makeshift studio
  • Learn to optimize photos so they load more quickly into auction web pages

Product lightingThis ebook was written by Digicamhelp creator, Gail Bjork, who has years of experience in photography and has been advising photographers like you. Her tips have been quoted on a variety of websites, in training manuals and in newspapers and magazines.

TopTips for Photographing Online Auction Products is essential reading for anyone who is serious about taking great photos for online auctions. Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money refunded.


  • What you need
  • Basic set-up
  • Lighting
  • Photographing a product
  • Frequently used camera settings
  • Barrel distortion
  • Using a tripod and self-timer
  • Image editing and improving image quality
  • Saving images for web presentation
  • Tips and techniques
  • Sample set-ups and set-up tips
  • Related terms & recommended reading

Price: $3.95

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“You have no idea how much this eBook will help me to get started with eBay photography!”
Daniel Stone, Norwalk, CA

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