Free digital photography stuff

There is absolutely no charge for the items listed below, which may be freely distributed. We believe you, like so many others, will find the information helpful.

The Golden Hour Slideshow

Golden HourPhotographers agree that one of the very best times to take photos is during what’s known as the The Golden Hour, when light can be breathtaking and even simple subjects take on an added glow. Our free Golden Hour slideshow offers photo examples and basic tips about taking photos during this inspiring time of day.

Download the FREE Golden Hour Slideshow (pdf)

Causes of Memory Card Corruption

Secure Digital memory cardsA corrupted memory card has damaged data that prevents it from performing properly. If a card becomes unreadable, you may not be able to access photos on it. Card corruption often results from human error. This document explains the main causes and will give you an understanding of how to help prevent memory card corruption.

Download the FREE Causes of Memory Card Corruption (pdf)

Digital Camera Buying Checklist

Checklist“How many megapixels?” isn’t the only question you need to ask before buying a digital camera! Our free checklist has helped many ask the right questions and make an informed decision about their purchase. Download and print it out so you can refer to the checklist as you shop.

Download the FREE Digital Camera Buying Checklist (pdf)

DSLR Crop Factor conversion chart

Crop factorsThe effective focal length for a lens is determined by multiplying the actual focal length of a lens by the Crop Factor of a digital single lens reflex camera. Our free conversion chart shows the effective focal length of a lens by the four most Common Crop factors, also know as Focal Length Multipliers.

Download the FREE DSLR Crop Factor Conversion Chart (zip)

Free Sky Images

Cloud-filled sky

The sky images are released under a GPL license and are free to use in both commercial and non-commercial projects. The images are 1800 x 1350 pixels, between 85KB and 184 KB each.  They were originally offered in conjunction with our tutorial Replacing a washed out sky in a photo.

Download the FREE Sky Images (zip)

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