EXIF maker notes

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Maker notes are proprietary in nature, but contain information additional EXIF information about digital images.

When editing and saving a digital image, EXIF information can be destroyed if not saved correctly. But files may contain similar EXIF data known as maker notes.

Maker notes, however, are not standardized. Since they are proprietary they can not always be read by all EXIF readers.

More information about marker notes and the inherent problems with and mysteries of them can be found here.

EXIF Maker notes – Reference Information – find maker note tag definitions for digital cameras by manufacturer.


  • No, maker notes are NOT a backup of the EXIF data! Maker notes contain camera- (or manufacturer-) specific information, while main EXIF data contains more general info.
    Since the maker notes are specific, they actually form the part of the EXIF data that is most commonly destroyed by applications modifying the info.
    Maker notes also don’t “look” like the numbers you list. You will need an advanced program to view the maker notes, for example ExifTool.