THM files

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

THM files are small files created by a digital camera to act as thumbnails for image and, more often, video files. They are small JPEG files that make it easier to browse a images and videos in playback without having to load the actual media file in memory.

thmTHM files are small files often created by the camera to act as thumbnails for images, and more often videos. They have a .thm extension following the file name.

THM files make it easier to browse a series of images and videos in playback without having to load the actual media file in memory.

Video files have the exact same name as .thm files, but with a video extension such as avi.

The THM file is the first frame of the video. It is the initial still image you see when previewing a movie in a camera.

THM file is a small JPEG

For videos, THM files often are used to store data much in the same way as is done with EXIF data for still images. This is because the THM file is actually a small JPEG with a different extension.

If you change the .thm extension to .jpg, the file will change to a JPEG image (for example, change. MVI_8233.thm  > MVI_8233.jpg).

Most cameras will not playback videos if the THM file is missing or damaged.


  • Try a video converter. There are several free ones such as this one. Do a search and you should find one that suits your needs. For more help getting it to work once converted, visit a video forum.

  • how can i play the video i’ve downloaded to my camera? i know its must to have thm. but how to make it if the file is mp4? help me please

  • saran, You may need a video converter. Check the software that came with the camera. I highly recommend you post your question in the Sony Talk Forum as they will be familiar with the camera and can offer related information.

  • How to get thm file for Mp4 video songs to load in DSC H55?
    where to get it??? can u suggest me any software?

  • I deleted the thm file when I load to the hard drive.  Now can I recreate .thm file that I can play video off the camera on a new sd card?

  • Make sure you’ve installed program that came with your camera. It will install a program that should allow you to view the videos. It varies according to the type of video files your camera creates.

  • When I uploaded my SD from my camera to my computer many pictures and videos appeared as .thm files that will not open. I can view them on my camera but not on my computer. I don’t understand because there are also many that uploaded normally, and I did not do anything different when i took them with my camera. What can I do in order to open them on my computer?

  • THM files do not play. Without knowing more details, it sounds like your video files didn’t download to your computer. Or, if they did and have the .MOV extension, you should download the Apple QuickTime player, which is free. Make sure you’re using the software that came with your camera to download files from the memory card.

  • how do I change the THM files to a file that my Windows media PLayer will play.  I did not do anything different when I downloaded my movies from my camera…they just showed up as THM files, instead of the usual movie/video files

  • If your video is still on your memory card, check for the thm file or download the video again to your hard drive. You can also use an image recovery program if your files have been deleted. Most free versions don’t recover video, so you may have to purchase a recovery program. (Sandisk Extreme III memory cards come with an effective recovery program).

  • My computer won’t playback videos if the THM file is missing, either. 🙁 I found that out the hard way, and for some reason I can’t find the THM file for this video in the recycle bin.