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Holiday travel & photo-taking guide

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Articles about preparing for air travel with a digital camera during the holidays as well as how to take better photos of friends and family after you arrive.

Informative, easy-to-understand articles about traveling with a digital camera during the holidays and how to take the better photos of family gatherings after you arrive.

What you should know when air traveling with a digital camera

Airplane wingPreparing for air travel with a digital camera

Plan ahead by packing equipment carefully and preparing for airport security on the day of departure. Learn why you might want to insure expensive camera equipment, how to prepare for customs declarations and your rights regarding hand inspections of a camera.

Digital cameras, memory cards and airport x-ray machines

Does putting digital cameras and memory cards through airport x-ray machines causes any harm? What about those metal-detectors, such as hand-held wands, used by airport personnel? And just where should you place your camera on conveyor belts? We help answer those questions.

Lithium batteriesLithium batteries

If your digital camera uses lithium batteries, this is a must read. If you don’t pack or package them just right, the batteries will most likely be prohibited on the plane.

Electric plug adapters

Traveling abroad? Make certain you can use your digital camera battery charger in another country. Electric voltage standards vary from one country to another so you many not need just a plug adapter, but a power converter.

How to take great holiday photos

Copyright Craig Hatfield

© Craig Hatfield

QuickTips for taking holiday photos

Brush up on these proven digital camera tips to capture all the fun and festivity during the holidays. We offer suggestions for taking shots inside as well as tackling some of the lighting issues faced when photographing outside.

Take better holiday photos

Simple tips and techniques to help turn routine family holiday photos into works of art. This article offers ideas about getting inspired, capturing candid expressions and if and when to use a flash.

Holiday photography checklist

Thinking ahead makes things easier on the nerves (and results in much better pictures) than fumbling with lighting and camera settings in a busy house full of relatives and their kids. This series provides valuable insights about lighting, exposure modes, using a flash and composing holiday photos.

Thanksgiving photos

Loved ones will thank you for taking memorable photos by following these useful QuickTips. They include framing shots, room lighting and when to take natural looking photos as family and friends sit around the dining table.

Taking photos at Christmas

Ah Christmas!  Learn techniques for taking memorable Christmas photos both inside and outside, with and without a flash. Capture the magic of this joyous time of year!

Red dwarf, copyright Martin Terber

© Martin Terber

Photographing fireworks

Taking photos of fireworks can be tricky so plan in advance. Learn what to bring along for the show besides your camera, the best time to arrive, best place to sit and the best camera settings to use for capturing fireworks.

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