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Thanksgiving Day photography tips

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

You’ll be thankful you’ve learned these tips for taking Thanksgiving Day photos of family and friends with a digital camera.

Thanksgiving! What a wonderful time to take photos of family members and friends, and to capture the fun and festivities of the holiday. Follow these tips and take memorable pictures that loved ones will thank you for (and you will be thankful too)!

holidayFraming a subject

Composition can make or break a photo. Frame the main subject carefully in the viewfinder or LCD, whether it’s a family member or the turkey. Watch the background to make sure nothing in it distracts from the subject, or that a chandelier or other item don’t look like an appendage growing out of a body or from the top of someone’s head.

Shoot from a higher eye-level

When taking photos around the table, shoot from a higher level than you usually do. This permits the focus to be on people, and not items on the table. Shoot slightly higher than the eye-level of the tallest person in the scene.

Be a director

Don’t hesitate to pose family members for some shots. Suggest to them what to do and where to do it. For natural looking group shots, photograph people while they are talking, not eating.

Room lighting

When lighting is low, turn as many lights on in the room as possible, adjust the white balance setting to match the main source of light and up the ISO . If it’s early enough in the day, let outside daylight into the room.

Using the built-in flash

When you use the flash, stay within the recommended flash range as specified in the camera manual. Make sure there is nothing shiny in the background, such as a mirror or glass, that will reflect the flash back into the camera lens. And remember,the flash usually recycles faster when the batteries are fully charged.

Get in some photos yourself

Just because you’re the family photographer, doesn’t mean you should be left out of pictures. Use a tripod and the self-timer so you can join other members of the group. If you don’t have a tripod, set the camera on a level surface.

Take more than one photo

There’s nothing like missing a photo because someone in the group has a funny look on their face or their eyes are closed. So take more than one photo of each scene, then pick the best when you transfer the images to your computer or where your photos are kept online.

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