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Favorite photo from the Wizard of Oz

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

It’s easy to see why “Dorothy in the Fighting Trees” is one of my favorite scenes from the magical movie, “The Wizard of Oz.”

FilmstripLike so many others, I’ve watched The Wizard of Oz more than any other movie. How many times? I’ve stopped counting.

This year (2009) is the 70th anniversary of The Wizard of Oz and anyone who has seen it can readily understand why it’s the most watched movie of all time. It’s simply magical!

My father worked for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer for decades, during the time it was like a “kingdom.” He had a very interesting career, starting as a gofer between various departments in the MGM offices on Broadway. He became a staff photographer and then eventually head of still publicity in the Culver City, California offices.

I have a large number of photos from Dad’s private collection, many taken by him, some taken by other MGM photographers. Those I treasure most are shots from scenes in The Wizard of Oz.

Dorothy in the Fighting Trees

One of my favorites is “Dorothy in the Fighting Trees.” The fact that it is black and white only enhances it’s dramatic composition, lighting and subject matter. Personally, I prefer it to many of the color stills I’ve seen from the movie.

I’m evidently not alone in my love for “Dorothy in the Fighting Trees.”

In 2007, I was contacted and asked that the photo be included as part of the Smithsonian Institutions traveling exhibit, Jim Henson’s Fantastic World. Jim Henson, as most know, was one of the best-known puppeteers and creator of, among other things, The Muppets.

I was told that that Mr. Henson enjoyed the Wizard of Oz, particularly this scene. Can you blame us?



"Dorothy in the Fighting Trees."

Note to self: I should convert some of my photos to black and white to see how they hold up under scrutiny untethered by color.