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The best digital camera

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Is there one? Gail shares her thoughts on the subject and takes a look back at the equipment her father used.

Child in a fieldMany individuals want their digital camera to be the best one in the world: the perfect camera that takes the perfect photo each and every time we press the shutter button. Those who have more than a passing fancy in digital photography often feel a pang of angst when the newest model is released. It always has new and improved features our six-month “old” digital camera does not.

I actively participate in online photography forums and receive invaluable help. However participation can drive you up the wall with all the nit-picking that goes on about this camera being better than that one.

A camera is just a tool, only as good as the person holding it in their hands. We can learn to use it well if only we make the effort. This includes reading and referring to the manual more than once and practicing newly learned techniques until they become second nature.

Ebbets fieldFor most of his life, my father was a pro photographer and then executive of the still photography department for a major movie studio. His interest in photography started with a Brownie camera. Heard of them?!

As Dad told it, he brought his girlfriend and his camera to the Bronx Zoo. He took a lot of photos that day, really trying to impress the gal. It wasn’t until Dad returned home that he realized he forgot to put film in the camera!!

Dad was so disgusted and embarrassed that he spent all of a small amount of money he inherited (about $200) on a 35 mm camera, one of the first ones ever manufactured. Dad taught himself how to use it. I’m not sure what brand this first camera was, but I do know later in life he had several Halliburton cases full of Nikon cameras and lenses.

Ronald ReaganBack in those days, you could more easily gain entrance into the office of a big corporate executive.

Dad somehow got in and laid the his photos on the desk of one of the head honchos. He was hired on the spot by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios (MGM), as an errand boy then worked his way up!

And he didn’t even use a digital camera!