Just for Newbies

Four tips for new digital camera users

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Four suggestions to help first time digital camera owners begin their new journey into the world of digital photography.

Self portraitIf  you’re a first time digital camera user, you may feel a bit overwhelmed with all the buttons, dials and menu settings. If so, here are some basic but important suggestions about learning and using your new camera.

Read the manual

Honestly. You should!

It can be very tempting to set aside the manual because, at first glance, it appears overwhelming.  But the manual contains important information about using and setting the camera. Learn about basic camera functions first, then read  about other features as you need them.

Use the shutter-release button correctly

Using the shutter release buttonThe shutter-release button on a digital camera functions differently than one on a film camera. It must be pressed in two steps: first to lock focus and exposure, second to take the photo. If you don’t press the shutter-button correctly, photos will be improperly focused and exposed. In addition, images will be blurred.

Keep the camera steady

Digital cameras are prone to camera shake, particularly when lighting is low. Hold it as steady as possible when framing shots. Use a camera support, such as a tripod or table top, when the camera-shake warning appears or shutter speeds are low. If your camera has image stabilization, it will help though it can’t overcome too much camera movement.

If necessary, reset the camera

Incorrect camera settings may result in poorly exposed or off-color photos. When changing settings, it’s altogether possible to inadvertently select a wrong one. Sometimes you can’t recall the changes you’ve made. If this happens, reset the camera via a menu setting. The reset menu changes all settings back to the factory default. Resetting can also be done by removing the batteries for a few hours.

Not sure how to reset the camera; simply check the, err, manual. 🙂