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Google Cloud Print Service

Written by Digicamhelp Editor

Google cloud printImagine being able to print from anywhere where you have an internet connection. It’s possible using Google Cloud Print service. Google Cloud Print works with conventional non-cloud printers, as well as Cloud Ready printers. Of course, you need a Google account.

You can print any document or image…from any device…to any cloud-connected printer. According to Google, a file is securely sent to your printer over the web. And because it’s the web, Google Cloud Print works from anywhere in the world where you can connect to the internet. You can print directly from a phone, a desktop, or other devices such as a smartphone or tablet. This includes PCs, Android and iOS mobile devices and PCs.

When your printer is connected to Google Cloud Print you can share it with other individuals, with a specific person or with everyone. You can limit the number of pages users can print. How to share the cost of ink is something you’ll have to figure out. 😉

Cloud Ready Printers

Registered Cloud Print PrintersYou need to manually register Classic printers using a computer to set up the web connection. Cloud Ready printers connect directly to the web. They don’t require a personal computer for setup. Cloud Ready printers register themselves directly with the Google Cloud Print service over your home or office’s wireless network. They’re always connected to the web. Drivers and firmware are kept up-to-date automatically

For more information about how Google Cloud Print works, an a list of cloud-ready printers visit the Google Cloud Print website.